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The digital guide for your site.

The "Site Guide" can be used in two ways:

Your own app


Get an overview of your position and all accessible buildings/locations. With search function and filter you will find your destination.


Additional information and media content are presented to inform the user in advance about the "Points of Interest".


Integrated navigation for pedestrians, cars and trucks with modifiable road network, taking construction zones or restricted areas into account.

Site Guide navigation app on your site

Are your visitors/suppliers still navigating with printed maps?

Just point out to in visitor invitations, delivery documents, e-mails or at the gate and your employees, visitors or suppliers can quickly and easily find the way to their destination using the Site Guide navigation app. The app automatically detects that the user is on your site and then provides a safe navigation to all your desired buildings/POIs.

Fast & flexible

The support of the Site Guide navigation for your site can be set up within a very short time. All of your desired routes and any special features (one-way streets, construction zones, explosion protection zones, speed limits etc.) can be taken into account. The navigation is available for pedestrians, cars and trucks and can be used worldwide on any outdoor site.

Please choose your industry:

Industry & Business

Use your own app based on the Site Guide to guide your visitors, suppliers, or employees from the gate to the appropriate building or loading point along routes that you have previously defined.

Together with your experts from marketing, logistics, facility management or factory safety, we analyze the processes involved in visiting your site. The spectrum of analysis ranges from the pedestrian guest to the supplier truck and from the visitor invitation by e-mail to the orientation on your site. Together, we discover optimization potential and develop strategies to solve any problems.

Sample reference: Henkel, Düsseldorf

User voice

„This app is a milestone. Every plant should have one. For more than 25 years, I have been driving in chemical transport with a 40-ton truck and site maps are not always easy to read. This app is very good.“
Written feedback from a truck driver after using the Site Guide, 25.08.2017, Hürth

Your Benefits

Time/Money savings

Saves time among employees/visitors/suppliers; avoids delays/follow-up costs.

Replaces paper site plans

Static, often outdated or unreadable analog maps become obsolete.


Blocking of EX zones, construction areas and danger spots only takes a few seconds.


Reduce and analyze speedings by cars and trucks on your site.

Goodbye language barriers

Our navigation is offered in 18 languages, especially in those relevant to truck traffic.

Building entrances

You can add several building entrances for the navigation.

Increased safety

Increase the safety on your side by leading visitors along safe routes.

Intermediate destinations

The Site Guide allows you to use intermediate destinations like truck weigh stations.

Navigaiton hints

Inform you users about rules and regulations at specific moments of the navigation process.


Integration into existing (GI)systems and your visitor processes possible.

High market coverage

Through native developed Android & iOS apps and a webapp, we reach almost 100% market coverage.

Well supplied

Tagxter takes care of operation, maintenance, support and app development.

Clinics & Universities

Facilitate the orientation on your clinic or university campus for your patients, visitors, employees or students by providing them your own app based on the Site Guide!

Sample reference: University of Cologne

Goodbye analog maps

Replaces maps by route calculation for pedestrians/vehicles.

Time/Money savings

Save yourself and your visitors valuable time in the visit process.


Blocking of construction zones and danger spots within the navigation only takes a few seconds.


The whole app content can be stored in any number of languages.

Flexible rental model

High initial investment is not necessary - you only pay a cheap monthly rental fee.

Live CMS

Contents can be conveniently entered in the browser or imported from your GIS.

Communication channel

Send current information via push notification directly to your visitors.

High market coverage

Through native developed Android and iOS apps and a webapp, we acheive almost 100% market coverage.

Well supplied

Tagxter undertakes operation, maintenance, support and further development.

Leisure & Culture

Whether open-air museum, zoo, garden show or open day - we realize the app for your terrain or your event. Easily guide your guests to the individual "Points of Interest" on your site.

Sample reference: LVR-Archäologischer Park Xanten

Goodbye analog maps

The app replaces or complements your existing maps/flyers.

Flexible rental model

High initial investment is not necessary - you only pay a cheap monthly rental fee.

Communication channel

Send current information via push notification directly to your visitors.


The whole app content can be stored in any number of languages.

Filter & Search

Filter and search function allow the user to find exactly the right content.

Live CMS

Content can be conveniently entered in the browser and changed live at any time.


The apps are adapted to your corporate identity and receive your desired name and your logo.

High market coverage

Through native developed Android and iOS apps and a webapp, we acheive almost 100% market coverage.

Well supplied

Tagxter undertakes operation, maintenance, support and further development.

Construction Zone Management

Whether as part of your Site Guide app or as stand-alone solution - with the digital construction zone managament by Tagxter you will always be able to keep an eye on all construction activities and other restricted areas on your site. You can also embed them into your internal corporate communications. Possible use cases:

  • Road closures
  • Building works
  • Events
  • Crane stances
  • Accident scenes
  • Track works
  • Explosion protection zones
  • ...

The dynamic overview map is web-based and can therefore be used almost everywhere, for example on the intranet via PC or on the go on your smartphone.

For all construction zones and special areas on your site, you can add extensive information and contact persons, which can be reached with just one click. The zones can be scheduled exactly and are (de)activated automatically at the specified time.

Different accesses with various authorizations and workflows can be created for different departments (factory safety, facility management, fire brigade etc.).

Your construction zone management will reach its full potential if you use the Site Guide apps on your site. All information about construction works can be automatically imported into your Site Guide.

The route calculation of the app also automatically takes into account all closures for the selected means of transportation (car/truck/pedestrian) and selects the fastest alternative route. Therefore, you no longer need to worry about how to communicate temporary closures and necessary diversions to all persons on your site - the Site Guide serves as a central information portal.


Henkel, Düsseldorf

Interactive Site app for employees and visitors



Veolia Industriepark Deutschland

BIZZPARK Oberbruch

InfraServ Knapsack

Chemiepark Knapsack

Industriepark Werk Bobingen

University Hospital Cologne

Landschaftsverband Rheinland

LVR-Archäologischer Park Xanten

Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht

Tag der Forschung

Freie Universität Berlin

Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften


University of Cologne

About us

Fabian Rühle, Marius Mülder, Andreas Zerbes

The Tagxter CEOs: Fabian Rühle, Marius Mülder and Andreas Zerbes.

Tagxter was founded in mid-2015 by four business informatics graduates at the University of Cologne. Shortly thereafter, the team received an EXIST start-up scholarship (development program of the German Federal Ministry of Economics) worth € 125,000 to realize its business idea. Today, Tagxter offers its customers comprehensive digital solutions for (private) sites of all industries and is based in the TechnologiePark Köln.

Press and Events

Tagxter in public (excerpt).


Düsseldorf, 8.05.2018

Tagxter präsentierte zusammen mit der Infraserv Knapsack auf dem ChemCologne-Kooperationstag Ihre gemeinsame Erfolgsgeschichte.

European Chemistry Parterning

Frankfurt, 23.02.2018

Tagxter participated in the second European Chemistry Partnering and presented itself during the startup session.

IHK Connecting Boxes

Cologne, 19.10.2017

Under the motto "Connecting Boxes - Innovation Meets High-Tech", Tagxter introduced itself to interested parties from business and science at the Bauwerk Köln.

Smart Process Manufacturing

Würzburg, 11./12.10.2017

Tagxter was an exhibitor at the SPM congress in Würzburg and held a presentation on digital guides and navigation on industrial sites.

IHK Plus

Issue 08/2017

The IHK reports on the cooperation between medium-sized companies and startups using the example of InfraServ Knapsack and Tagxter.

ChemCologne Compact

Issue 02/2017

Report on the 15th ChemCologne Cooperation Day at which Tagxter presented itself to the Rhineland chemical industry.

DWNRW Summit

Essen, 25.11.2016

At the first summit meeting of the digital economy of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), Tagxter presented its site guide to interested parties from industry and business.

Tagxter at the CeBIT

Hannover, 14.-18.03.2016

At the CeBIT 2016, Tagxter represented the state of NRW as an exhibitor at the joint booth and was among others visited by Garrelt Duin, former Minister of Economics of NRW.

Fabian Rühle


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